Sassy Nails Studio
Sassy Nails Studio
#114, 131 Century Crossing
Spruce Grove, Alberta
(780) 962 8928

About Us


        Sassy Nails Studio is a luxurious and spacious

beauty salon where you can come and relax
while Sassy
talented professional nail technicians &

estheticians renew your spirit and enhance your beauty.

       Sassy Nails Studio is very cautious when it
comes to your safety and peace of mind.  We
meet and exceed on all health standards
in the province of Alberta.

         We practice hygiene and sanitation religiously: 

  • We sterilize all metal implements that come in contact with the clients.

  • We do not use filters in our whirlpool baths.  Filter methods run the risk of not being cleaned after each service, which develop into a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause serious skin infections. Instead, we deploy the latest techniques to disinfect between customers without re-using filters.

  • We wipe down sinks and tabletops
    everyday with a solution to eliminate
    bacteria and prevent the spread of germs. 

        We offer quality services at affordable prices
and your safety and comfort our priority.